Finding an Advocate

Hi all
I’m caring for my wife who is in CEV group and also immune compromised. We’re fighting the NHS , like most people these days, and after a three year fight for a medication plus specialist support we’re struggling . We believe that we need someone who can understand our medical related issues and stand up for us against doctors , the ICB etc. We have been let down in the past by many so called helpers all of whom ended up being on the side of the doctors because they were all paid for in some way by the local council or the NHS.
So we’re looking for a real independent Advocate who will support us at all times no matter what crap comes back. Maybe this is asking too much but it’s what we need ight now to keep going.

Any advise , non judgmental pls, would be helpful.


That’s a tough one. Truly independent advocacy is very difficult to find nowadays as there is very little funding available. In fact, right now just about the only funding is from the NHS or from Social Care services - and that can lead to concerns about their independence. Your group would almost certainly have to look for someone who charges for the service directly: I don’t know of any offhand as I’ve been out of the field for too long now.

Hugs. Try the Patient Advocacy Service. I found it much easier to find someone who could speak up for me because I did not have the same issues. Perhaps see if you can also contact Scope for ideas and advice. Good luck.

You need a solicitor. Finding a good one is difficult though, I was recommended to use Lawstop but after 3 different people were involved, I demanded a refund!

Thanks for your thoughts , I’m not expecting a free service at all . More than happy to pay for the right advocate.

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Good luck. Maybe try asking for recommendations.

Well yes exactly, i would welcome any and all recommendations. Btw i live in North Herts

Try Googling lawyers