Financial Assessment for social services

I care for my husband and we are due a financial assessment regards non-residential care services.

My husband’s only income is the state pension and disability living allowance for which he receives higher rate both for care and mobility. My income is an occupational pension and carers allowance, as I do not reach state pension age until Spring 2023, when of course I will lose my carers allowance.

Does the assessment take into account my husband’s income alone or is my income also included? I am asking because he has been sent a form to complete which is asking for details about my income too.

We have had assessments in the past when someone came to our home and only requested details regards his income, so why the change?

It is your husband’s choice, he can either be assessed individually or jointly.
Some social workers are unaware of this.
Google “Charging for care” or 2014 Care Act Regulations for full details.

Ask for one then.