Falsified dates on Keah agreement

Hope I can get anser here, is it legal to falsify a date on on agreement?
I had an assement done on my husband I have a LPA done on him, Keah said I had signed the finacial agreemnt

Which I had, but it was an old agreement when I recieved the file from KCC it had the same date on all three parts,
I couldnt have signed it as my husband was taken into hospital on that date .
I am claiming back money that I had to pay for his care whn he came out, I thought you got at least six weeks free

3 weeks at first, then a further 3 if needed,Am I right? he has been in hospital so many times 2019 with different illness
and I always have it sorted before he leaves what will happen, I feel cheated, I have filled an officail complaint which is on going, thats how I saw this agreement, I would not have put the same date on the letter heading as on the bottom would I, so so-one slipped up.

Who are KEA?

At a guess, (and a google) Keah is Kent enablement at home.

It’s actually 6 weeks reablement care, as laid down by the 2014 Care Act Statutory guidance. Do a bit of research , print it off and as my why they have ignored statutory guidance?I reclaimed £8,000 from Hampshire!

BB I think Monica is referring to Kent Enablement at Home.(KEaH)

The 6 weeks free should be arranged by the hospital or Social Services, so any contract for payment should be made between them and the agency, not between agency and carer/carer.

Keah is kent enablement at home, run by Kent county council. I am fighting it, I never got the free 6 weeks from dec.

I have asked several times why, give me a reason why he didnt get it??? I can accept a good reason, but wont accept it was ok to falsify the dates on an old form?

I have asked some-one in the complaints to investigate the rules on this free package.

I wouldn’t expect a speedy response. Just don’t pay anything more until it’s all sorted out. That always “concentrates the mind” of those involved!
Don’t worry, services cannot be withdrawn during this period, any assessed need MUST be met.