Why am I being charged?

I need help please and advice, I am being charged for carers in for hubby 8 a day, He has been in hopsital a lot and I have never been charged before due to the enablement system.
I have been assessed and the charges are being backdated to Dec 18 which is when he came out of Hospital, No one mentioned a charge, he is in a hospital bed here I sorted it all out in the Hospital which you have to do,I know you have 6 wks , 3wks and then you are assessed for the further three weeks.Surely I was entitled to that time, He has on one accsoin had a free two weeks in a home for respite.
I can find out. now one phones me back. The bill will come in soon I know and we are talking a lot of money Thank you for any advice a reason for these charges would be good

NO charges should be made until there has been both a Needs Assessment, a Carers Assessment, and a formal “Financial Assessment”.

Send the bill back to SSD saying you didn’t agree to it, and will not be paying it as they have “failed to follow the proper procedures”.

They used the first assement he had when in hospital lat year,sorted out by the s/s in hospital
this was done by KE A kcc then they used the same one after that, I had been told that if the needs havent changed then there could be a charge! But this last time he was sent home his needs had drasticly changed, and i shouldnt be charged for those 5 weeks!.
I have put in a complaint, as I was not told after he came home Dec 18 about any charge at all.
no-one said anything or even phoned me… I am happy to pay the charges from the time the assessor came to my home to do it I ws always under the impression you had maybe 6 weeks enablement time but during those 6 weeks you had an assessment three weeks into the 6 wks
I find it impossible to get to the bottom of this and to get these rules clarified.