Care needs assessment problem

Hi, I’m a full time carer for my mum who has Dementia and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus amongst other conditions. She had a care act needs assessment in May this year as I need to go back to work and my mum’s housing isnt suitable. The outcome was she was placed on the list for Extra Care Housing which was the outcome we hoped for. However, extra care housing services rejected my Mum stating her care needs were too high. I asked the social worker if I could have a copy of the assessment and care plan so I could check they were an accurate reflection of my mum’s needs. I’m still waiting after asking a further 3 times. The social worker contacted me to say as no extra care services were willing to house my mum we’d have to consider a residential home. Both mum and I were fine with that and agreed the social worker could go ahead and arrange that (mum is funded by local authority). Things went quiet so I contacted the social worker, she visited my mum and I yesterday and said my mum can’t go into a residential home and needs to stay in her home and have a package of care and go to a day centre. So rather than meeting her care and housing needs they’re suggesting we maintain the status quo just with carers doing the tasks I would usually do so I can return to work. I’m baffled by this as the social worker has agreed my mum needs more support and be somewhere where staff are on hand 24/7 but is now backtracking and saying my mum has to try to stay in her flat. Can anyone advise me on the care act and legality of this as it mystifying me and causing a huge amount of stress and anxiety for my mum and me.

Hi Ange,

It sounds like the social care manager is looking for the cheapest option rather than what your Mum needs.

Your Mum (or you if you have POA) have a right to see the assessment. If they aren’t providing you with a copy, then you should complain Making complaints | Carers UK

Your Mum (or you if you have POA) also have a right to view her social care file and can request to see this, there should be a Subject Access Request Form on the council website.

You can also seek advice from the Carers Uk helpline of the Age UK helpline.


If extra care are rejecting mum, then can you get them on your side?
It’s obvious (to me, if not the SW) that mum’s dementia cannot get better, will only get worse. It’s cruel to behave as the SW is behaving.
I’m now dealing with Social Work England, a formal complaint about the staff dealing with my son, and me.

Thanks Melly1 and BowlingBun.

I’ve contacted the social workers manager and submitted a formal complaint today. I’ve requested to start the process again with an experienced social worker. Have to say it does feel like a decision based on finances by the council and not my mum’s care needs. Fingers crossed the complaint does the trick and mum gets the support she needs. Thanks for the advice re: Carers UK and complaints.

My mum was disabled for many years.
By the time I came back from a working holiday in Australia in 1976, she had given up going out alone. Dad was a top research scientist, often working abroad, so I did mum’s shopping and then gradually it escalated more and more. She finally died in 2015 at the age of 87.
I also supported dad when he developed prostate cancer, and my in laws who were poorly for years as well.
Try to make some time for yourself too. My husband died at 58, so many dreams lost forever.