Experience of live-in carers?

My Dad lives near Glasgow 400 miles away from me. He is 86 and has very bad scoliosis of his spine so standing/walking is very painful. He also has Parkinson’s (although not really bad with it), a catheter and is very deaf. Mentally he is pretty good. He still manages his own banking online and spends his days watching TV. He snoozes a lot. He lives on his own with 4 carers coming in each day to help with getting him up and meals. I talk to him every day to see how he is getting on and also spend long weekend with him every 6-8 weeks.

He can only walk using a rollator to support him and his balance is very poor. He has falls alarms. He has a bad fall 18 months ago and that was when they put in the care package.

I worry about him a lot and wonder whether he will need more support soon.

I have had a few people say that a live-in carer might be a good option - he is not keen to go into a care home.
Is there a guide to live-in care anywhere that someone could link me to? My dad not a very chatty person so I’m not sure how live-in carer would find it to be with him.

Does anyone have experience of live-in care and how have you found it?

I’m going up to see him this weekend and will be to talking to him about options - I’m also talking to some local care homes.

If your dad hasn’t already sorted out Power of Attorney for you, put this top of your priority list. Then as he declines, as sadly he will given his advanced years, you can manage his finances. Is he claiming Attendance Allowance?

A very elderly lady in my Mum’s village had live in carers …. One worked two weeks on and the other then did her two weeks on. She got on very well with one of them but didn’t feel so comfortable with the other one although she did everything asked of her.

I also had a friend who was a live in carer for many years and she was the loveliest person you could wish to meet. Same arrangement, 2 weeks on etc. She cared for a gentleman who was late 80s and quite with it and his family lived nearby but all worked in professional jobs.She was more like a companion really and used to drive him to visit friends, play bridge, visit the seaside and do crosswords with him. She also made his meals and ate with him.

I think if you can find the right person it’s a great idea but I do believe it works out more expensive than a care home as you still have all your household bills and upkeep and have to obviously feed the carer.

Thanks bowlingbun - yes I have got Power of Attorney and yes he is claiming Attendance Allowance. Good suggestions!

Thanks sunnydisposition - those links look very useful!

Good to know it can work well Penny - thanks for your reply. And helpful to understand that costs may be higher.

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My mom was a live in a carer for several years when I was a child. She started her career one week before we moved. She did it until the end of last year. From September 2001-Dec 2022 she was a live in carer. And she loved it.