ESA Capacity to Work Form

Anyone else in the process of filling in one of these? I’m currently filling one in for A, who is finding it stressful on account of her anxiety. There were some questions we didn’t quite understand and I had intended to ring up the ESA about them, but the day has been very busy.

There’ll be another one for J.


Mmm … 25 pages worth in .pdf format :

( Could be worse … Attendance Allowance for senior citizens … 48 pages worth ? )

Many would share your disquiet.

Anything in particular we could possibly help with … a few readers may have completed one of these.

Hi Gilli,
I used this guide to help me fill it in on S’s behalf 404


Chris, I know it’s not as bad as some forms, esp. the PIP form, but sill bad enough!

Thanks Melly, I’ll have a look at that. I’m up late because I have been trying to get it filled in. I’m afraid I left it rather long to get it dealt with - it has to be in for Monday. I’m hoping I get a break before J’s comes.

Must get to bed!


have you downloaded the form, then you can fill it in electronically and save it.


Thanks for the suggestion about downloading the form, Melly. I decided against in the end as I had most of the form completed and it would have entailed more time to complete an electronic version as well. I have some rough notes and might download the form as well and fill in what I can, just to have some sort of a copy.

When the one for J comes, I’ll have to try and start on it earlier than I did the one for A.