Employing a carer directly with own money

We’re looking to pay someone to help with our mother, who needs full-time care. We will be paying for this ourselves. The government and social care advice is a bit confusing. Should we become employers, or can we work with someone who is self-employed? Would be hugely grateful for advice about this from anyone with similar experiences. Thank you.

Not to seem like I am being nosey, but I wonder why you are paying privately from the off? Has a needs assessment from social services been done to see if the council will contribute to care?

Thank you - we’ve been told that my mother’s savings mean she won’t get any council help.

Ah I see. I think, and someone may correct me on this, you can still get support from the council to organise/facilitate care packages even if you are assessed as having to pay for some/all of it.

Hi daughter-carer
There is a third way and that is going through an agency. They then are the employer.

The council may well have a list of preferred agencies, or you can Google. Just make sure you check the agency out. 'read and re-read any contract carefully before signing anything .

Becoming an employer yourself can be onerous. There’s a lot of employment law to comply with.
If the carer is self employed they will have multiple clients, they couldn’t be dedicated just to you tor that could be deemed employment. Also how would they cover holidays and illness.?

Check,out Age UK who will much info on this topic

I’ve always assumed that carers from an agency are insured.
A private person may not be, so there is that aspect to consider.

Seconded Mrs. A !

AGE UK … for advice first … and , perhaps , not only on the employing a carer issue ???


The Money Advice Service … all about employing a care worker / assistant :


Employing someone to help with your care.

Carers or personal assistants can help you live independently in your own home. If you decide to appoint one directly, using your own money or with direct payments, > there’s a lot to think about.

( Cover for sick / holiday leave being prime candidates ? )

Becoming an employer ?

In your view , what makes a good employer … if that’s the route you elect to take ???

Nothing like first hand experience … one way or the other ???

Will your potential employee share the same view after a few months ?

Especially if they are a union lad / lass ???

All practical considerations.

Past threads ?

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