Can a live in carer be self employed?

Hi All

I would like some information regarding Self Employment status.

Can a live in carer be self employed? I am currently receiving a direct payment from a council and paying my mothers carer each week from that.

The council are now saying the carer must not be self employed and has to be PAYE.

Is this true? Is anyone else going through this process?

I would appreciate all the help.



They prefer it goes through payroll but it doesn’t have too. However they are likely to audit the expenditure of the the DP so keep careful accounts/records.


I she is living in then presumably she isn’t working for anyone else. It is YOUR responsibility as her employer to do everything correctly. Unless she can prove to you that she is submitting a tax return on a self employed basis you are going to end up in a lot of hot water. The council should have an allowance within their payment for a payroll service. I studied Employment Law as part of my degree and later my own son had DP’s for a while, using a payroll service.