Electricity for oxygen concentrator

My wife has an oxygen concentrator which is basically on 24/7. I have just had our electricity bill in and they want to increase my DD from £60 to £95 per month. I know we are entitled to a rebate from the machine supplier but there is still no way i can afford to pay an increase of over 50% as we are reliant on benefits. The supplier has yet to advise on how much rebate we will reveive.
Any advice greatfully received.

Who is the supplier. I found this through web search, Not sure if it will help give an idea…


Calculating your electricity payment
Your concentrator has a meter that counts the number of hours it has been running. The meter is located on the front of the concentrator.

Your technician will read the meter on your concentrator every six months as part of the service visit. In between these visits we will estimate how much electricity you have used based on previous readings. You can also contact the Electricity Rebate Team with meter readings in between those taken by the technician as this will help improve the accuracy of your payments.
To calculate your refund we use the following calculation:

Obviously there are loads of companies.

Thanks, i have given the reading to our company and am waiting to see what the rebate will be.
I have now moved the concentrator so it is more easily accessible to turn off when not in use. I am hoping this may help bring down the useage too which will reflect in our next bill.