Ed Davey on Loose Women TODAY!

Loose Women starting, Ed Davey is going to be on talking about why carers need more support. He was a child carer and is now a parent carer!!

Just watched it. So poignant and he really should be listened to in parliament. My own parents weren’t in the best of health, which affected my sister’s and myself.
I also felt Brenda Edwards was composed. Not long lost her son

Do you know if it’s available on catch up at all? I don’t even know which side it’s on!

*do we still say ‘side’ anymore??

If you have virgin TV it’s 103 and will be on catch up or demand.
ITV 3.
I say which side is something on. Suppose we should say which channel ! :laughing:

I’ve had a few hectic days, my home hairdresser permed my ramrod straight hair, and I was feeling decidely chilly having sat around with damp hair. I went to light the woodburner, heard the trailer for Ed, and put the details on here.

As the woodburner was warming up, I sat in the recliner, reclined, and fell fast asleep and managed to miss the entire programme.
I’ve heard Ed speak before, and wished he was PM!