DP Budget Neogiations

Is it possible once the council give you a set figure. Depending on the wages of the PA the higher the wage they ask for the lower number of hours you will get in care.

in our area there is a set amount allowed for DP per hour for privately recruited care and another rate for care via an agency. This figure is used to calculate the DP to cover the hours allocated following assessment. Only in very exceptional circumstances will they pay a higher rate per hour.


They must first calculate the hours of care needed, then allow enough to employ someone with the required skills to meet the needs. Setting a fixed amount is against the rules, as it “fetters their discretion”!
I’m sure if you go to Ombudsman’s decisions you should find something relevant.

I got told everyone gets 14 hours. 10 hours for personal care and 4 hours social? And the pay should be £12.40 per hour max?

The hours allocated should be calculated according to a person’s assessed needs.

The amount per hour sounds average.


The council must do two things.
First explain how all the assessed needs can be met within the time they’ve given.
Recommend at least two companies that can meet the assessed needs at the rate given.
We live in Hampshire, my son’s rate for agency care is £15.50 per hour.
Don’t let them make you do all the running round finding out various rates. That’s their job!

I requested for 63 hours per week i thought i would at least get 35-40 hours they only give 14 hours in total.

The social worker said she doesn’t deal with the support plan its the council run agency who deal with the support plan so maybe its them that can negotiate with the council to make adjustments.

Is it not better just to accept the amount of hours they give you to get the ball rolling and payments coming in then adjust at the next review? I remember a social worker told me once the hours are set they are set in stone for good and she actually encouraged me to apply for more hours when I applied for 14 hours previously, which I was surprised.

Also, there a school of though with social workers and people in the council that direct payments are ONLY for people who are either in hospital or regularly going in and out hospital or pallative care! which is not right but its how its practised when forming these budgets.

I think speaking to the council through an agency is more effective they see you are unable to manage it yourself and put barriers up in my opinion.

Even if the council subcontract, it is still ultimately the responsible of the council, not the subcontractor, to get it right. Have you seen the assessment showing how they calculated just 14 hours? The Care Act says that such calculations must be “transparent” not hidden!

No, ive not seen it they sent a contract, but says nothing about the calculation. Its actually a template contract with different figures as I was disputing the figures, but social worker stated the other letter figures are what you will receive.

They said you need an academic professional to witness you signing a document, like doctor, accountant, plus their signature along with address and dated, which i found odd. Even with employment contracts you don’t need a witness. Maybe the amount of fraud going on the social think?

Make a Freedom of Information request, to see the Resource Allocation System that SSD are using. The Act says it must be “transparent” not hidden. Took me a lot of FOI’s to find out about Hampshire’s. The head of LD said they used one, the Complaints Officer said they didn’t! I persisted. Asked for copies of the instructions that went with it. Was told there were none. Finally I had a copy of a Powerpoint presentation. I asked who designed it? They again said didn’t know. Turned out it was written by …HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL!!! The same council I was asking. Couldn’t organise a party in a brewery!

I think I will. I was told by the Ombudsman my case was closed in July 2019 without my consent or them even sending a letter. They just went ahead and closed it and now using that as a benchmark to null and void my complaint letters I made. I also made a SAR and I found out it was indeed closed as the ombudsman said. I am now going down the legal route if i can find someone who will take it as hardly any solicitors will.

I mean imagine a vunrable person who doesn’t know about benefit system and bank account they are millions and if there benefits were stopped without informing anyone it would be criminal, which is what has happened in my case.

Bowlingbun - what does the resource allocation system show? How long did you wait to get one?