DOLS and Covid19

I have a son who is in residential care local to me he comes home 2 days each week and spends the day with me carers drop him off at 10 and pick him up at 6
Also I visit the care home 2 days per week
All home visits and visiting my son’s care home has stopped this is very hard for him as he can’t understand why he is not seeing me he is Autistic severe
Can the care home stop him visiting me under the DOLS act

My son is staying at his flat, rather than coming home to me. He apparently understands about having to stay home because of the “Virus”. He has half the care he usually has 7 hours of day services 4 days a week, and that’s all been cut.

Initially the care agency just sent me an email saying “Come and get M asap” apparently unaware that I was under strict instructions never to care for him ever again for medical reasons. He does come home as a rule every third weekend, when my eldest son finds things for him to do (we own a wide range of steam engines etc.) but there is no way in the world I could care for him full time for the foreseeable future.

I’m a widow, now 68, desperately trying to get him used to being with me less, ready for the time when I will not be here for him, so I was very dismayed and distressed at the “come and get him email”.

I’m not sure what to do about Easter, will talk to the agency later in the week. We always make hot cross buns on Good Friday, Easter nests with Shredded Wheat and Mini Eggs, and a fruit cake with marzipan on top, for a special Easter Sunday meal. We will both be upset if we can’t do this long standing tradition but survival is more important.

As for your direct question about DOLS, I think you should speak to Social Services.