Do we have the right to visit a prospective care home?

Hi all. Long time lurker here, as they say.

We’re unhappy with the home my dad is currently in. We’ve had his name down at a place that, I believe, will care for him much better.

After many months of hoping, we’ve finally been offered a room. The problem is that they are still only offering us a Zoom tour. We’re not able to visit in person to check it out.

After our bad experience with the home dad is currently in, my brothers (especially) are refusing to allow dad to go to a home we can’t visit.

I’m torn. I know the new home have managed to keep coronavirus-free over the entire pandemic, so understand they want to keep things this way. But I also appreciate my brothers’ concerns.

The new home say they are following guidance and will send us this tomorrow. Do you know of any guidance that states that prospective visitors are banned from the premises, or would that be up to the discretion of each home manager?

There is guidance once someone is resident.

You could ask if you have been vaccinated and would offer to take a lateral flow test. The home will carry lateral flows and you could offer to take one there. This might give reassurance and the home might allow a short visit.

I do think it’s fairly much up to the home. And the protection of all residences staff etc.

Other than that it’s about seeking out reviews. And finding people who already have family members in residence. Social services may use the home and may have information.

Unfortunately this is up to the care home. The fact that they’ve offered a Zoom tour is something - it won’t be warts and all, but then I’ve always found care home visits to be carefully managed by the homes.

Thank you both. I think the final say is given to care homes to risk assess based on their premises, and what works for them. I also agree that visits are usually carefully managed. Everyone seems to be left in that awful situation of not really being able to tell how their loved one will actually be cared for until they see it happening!

The situation with Dad has escalated since I posted it so will post shortly on that. Thanks again for your responses. They have helped.

Apparently many of the restrictions for home visiting are about to be changed.

Yes, I saw that. Thank you.

Unfortunately, Dad has been left in unacceptable circumstances and so we will accept the placement as a matter of urgency now. We’ve negotiated a respite contract with the new home so will be able to check it is meeting his needs before committing permanently, at least.

Good luck with this, I hope it goes well. So stressful for all concerned.

Bless you. Thank you.

It’s always stressful trying to find somewhere.

I had the problem that my Mum was placed in a care home for rehab and assessment but wasn’t involved in the choice due to covid. It was the only home that at the time had not had an outbreak. I’ve been able to visit since and Mum is happy there, so we were lucky.

I hope your Dad’s move is successful.

Thank you. Let’s hope it’s the same situation for us for us regarding Covid protectiveness! I’ve had my eye on this place for two years so feel this is the right place for him. If this one fails us, though, I really won’t know where to go!