Do I need to be self employed if caring for parents?

Hi, new to carers uk, so apologies if this is dealt with somewhere, but I’ve struggled to find information.
So here goes….
I agreed to care for my mum (vascular dementia & Alzheimers) and step-father (vascular dementia) in my home from April 2021. I gave up work on the understanding that they paid my net monthly salary. My sister and I have joint Power of Attorney for them both.
(I have twins at university and an older daughter just finishing her teaching training, so we are still financially supporting them. We also have a mortgage.)
I’m no longer paying into a pension and I’m not paying tax and NI.
The last 12 months have taken their toll, but I now feel strong enough to try and tackle the financial implications, but have no idea where to start!
I’d welcome any advice offered.

Hello & Welcome Tracey

I would suggest you contact the carers UK helpline and/or Citizens advice.

Definitely contact the Carers UK helpline.
There are some tax requirements that you are exempt from, what you want to avoid at all costs is an investigation if they went into residential care and the council refused to financially support them because of “deprivation of capital”.
There is a lot to consider.

Thanks for the advice, I will follow through.