DLA form physical disability


I applied for DLA last week. Today I received the forms. I spent two hours reading the notes before completing the form and am still baffled by the form. I hope they actually make the effort to read the form.
I provided them with a ton of information. I even mentioned that due to spina bifida, he needs help to stay continent. I included some details on his therapy schedule plus medical appointments too. I wrote a bit on why he does not walk like other children his age either. I even supplied photocopies of old reports as supporting evidence to support our claim on the grounds of physical impairment only.
I explained briefly about the treatment for clubbed feet he had as a baby as well. I am sending the form off tomorrow via secure recorded post. How long will it take to hear back from them? I’m hoping for low rate care/high rate mobility.

Hi Leah,
Take a copy of the form before sending it off, so you aren’t starting from scratch when they make you reapply in a few years time.
It is a time consuming and total negative experience filling one in; as parents we celebrate every little achievement our child makes and this form wants to know all the negative stuff. Always fill it in describing him on one of his worst days.

The government website, says it takes 40 days to process a claim.


Thank you! I have sent off a photocopy of the form via secure recorded post whilst I was at the post office this morning. Will call to chase things up next week. When did you hear back? What rates did you apply for?


How do I appeal a decision? My plan is to call the DWP tomorrow to politely ask for a explanation but I am not pleased with the decision made… seems they did not even spend time reading the form I sent them.

Any tips and information appreciated.

Hi Leah,

what was the decision?
Did they say why?
Appeals are more likely to go in favour of the claimant than not.

These links may help:

this charity is for those with Spina Bifida Search Results - Shine

This charity is primarily for those with physical difficulties (though seems to be diversifying Disability Living Allowance | Disability charity Scope UK


PS there are strict timescales for appealing decisions.

Thanks. No they didn’t give me a reasonable explanation. I am cross. How do you prepare a letter of appeal? What reasons did you give? I am also going to contact my local citizen’s advice office tomorrow. I know. I got a letter two days previously in the mail. I also received their assessment report. Of all the reports I have read over the past three years, this is the worst one literally! And I’ve read some pretty negative ones. The report is crammed full of errors. They even misspelt his name. Cue mama bear alert.

Leah, don’t get too stressed about the initial refusal.
It’s a stupid system. I’ve had over 40 years experience of it. I once knew a double amputee who was initially refused!!!
They are initially read by someone with very little training!
Just ask for a review or reconsideration, it’s VERY important that you respond within the time they give you, and you will lose a lot of money. Over 50% of claims initially refused are later awarded.

I have. I’m going to prepare a letter of appeal today and ask a friend to read it. What evidence should I send with the letter? I took a lot of time the first time around so this is pretty disheartening. I have a list of reasons why he needs that money, should I put them in the letter or not? Did you go to tribunal? If so, what was the result/outcome? Don’t know why they hire people whose reading skills are appallingly bad in the first place. Why don’t they offer them training? How much time do I have left to contest the decision? Every other company/business in Britain insists on reading/spelling skills…

This is why I was hesitant to apply. It is a outdated system.

My closest friend worked for DWP, now retired. Lots of experienced staff were made redundant, replaced by people with 6 weeks training and a computer screen. The system isn’t fit for purpose, as it doesn’t allow for all eventualities.
Each time to ask for reconsideration, it goes to a progressively higher ranking, more experienced member of staff.
What you need to prove is that your child needs substantially more care than a child of the same age without a disability.

I’d strongly recommend you buy a copy of the Disability Alliance’s Guide to Benefits which is the best guide I’ve ever met, written in clear English.
Be sure to get your reconsideration application back to DWP though, don’t wait for the book.
Are you aware of the Family Fund?
Have you had a Social Services Needs Assessment for your son, and Carers Assessment for you?

How much does it cost? And yes someone once told me about the family fund. No we have not had a social worker come out to the flat to do a assessment yet. But that is going to happen this week.


Disability Alliance’s Guide to Benefits ?


Almost the standard reference when it comes to DLA … and PIP.

What do I expect at appeal? What should I wear?

Leah, don’t get ahead of yourself, hopefully you won’t have to go to an appeal. They might well reconsider the application and decide after looking at it again, that Logan can have the benefit.


PS when is Logan three? It’s my understanding that he won’t be able to get the mobility component until then.

He turns 3 in 4 weeks from today. We are currently planning a joint third birthday party. Seems like yesterday he was turning one however…

Ahh, bless him.

S still loves a proper birthday celebration and he is 28.


Well I have finished my appeal letter. I am going to send them the letter today at the post office in town. I have 2 copies of it but the other copy is too rude so will end up being a burn letter instead. How much does it cost to use secure recorded post? I have listed reasons why he cannot walk as well as examples of situations.

You need Recorded Delivery, not very expensive. Alternatively, if you want to be sure it gets there next day you need what used to be called Special Delivery, but they’ve changed the name and I can’t think what it’s called now. About £6-7 last time I used it. That’s my favoured service for anything involving tax or benefits. Once they lost a form I’d sent for months!!!

Depends on weight. £7.50 to £12. I’ve used it a few times with important documents, and been so relieved the next day to see they have been signed for. You see the signature. It seems a lot, but so with taking some anxiety away. Doesn’t speed up the process.

I don’t care about how long it takes. But this is a document with sensitive information on it (medical details) etc so I need to be able to know that it gets there safely and is not stolen, or lost in transit either.

Then special delivery is the safest. Just trying to help.