Absolutely heartbroken

Good evening,I am a failed registerd carer for my poorly Husband who has terminal cancer of prostate bones and lung & is deaf & severely sighted in both eyes. At the moment he has 14 hours per week but only uses 11 & a half hours.He has 7 & a half hours of personal care from an agency then ,has 4 hours twice a week with a communicater Guide to enable him to access the shops.Or a garden centre.But our local social services want to disable him from the welfare side,so he will have to sit at home with no one to care for him,as I am unable well in myself & can’t walk around town with him.I can’t stop crying my eyes out as I am so upset .We haven’t even met this social worker.We can’t afford to pay the Sight for Surrey as my Husband is on disability living allowance high rate…This is so wrong.I can understand new clients but surely this is wrong to make my Husband suffer.Regards Amanda h

Hi AH.

( Out of curiosity , what is a registered carer ? )

My immediate reaction … CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare at the very least … as recommended to you on the 1st.June
2019 in a previous thread.

Has either ever been suggested / recomended / applied for but refused ?

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In the interim , the needs assessments … I assume one already done ?

Is your local LA seeking to cut back the existing care plan even though your husband’s health is deteriating ?

Funded through Direct Payments or a Personal Budget ?

Others will be along to aid your their observations and recommendations.

Hi Thank s for your reply.At present Surrey county council are funding everything.This is a new Social worker who simply has no idea,about my Husband s case at all.Also my Husband is stable & to take his Freedom away from home is bad.I will fight all the way I can possible…I am really shocked.Yet there are several other people who get all Benifits under the sun with out doing a days work.I am 62 & my Husband is is 71.This is not fair,we have no children to aid us.So I guess we can both rot.Wel, I can assure you I am like a terrier !!! Regards Amanda h

Your welcome , AH.

Don’t lose sight of my recommendation … it could be the solution for both you and your husband.

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … that IS A PRIORITY !

Time to meet with the new SW , existing care plan to hand … and discover what her / the LAs intentions are before deciding
on the next step.

There, I’ve corrected that for you.

It’s happening everywhere Amanda, the more you fight it, the less likely it is that it’s you and your caree that will be affected: definitely don’t just sit back and take it.


First step is to make a Subject Access Request to the council, for the last 12 months, asking for copies of everything that they hold on their computer about both of you. (look at the Information Commissioners website for more details).

Be sure to get your husband to sign as well.