Dementia : NHS Or Social Care ? Letter To The Guardian In 2014

Mmmm … takes me back to Logan’s Run , 1976 … mentioned in another posting what seems like aeons ago.

As Dudley Moore once said … " 30 is a dangerous age , Cynthia "… 1968 ( The year of retribution ? ) … poor Dud , gone but not forgotten.

Anyone living in a society as portrayed by Logan’s Run would agree with that statement … if they weren’t brain washed 1984 style … except for those at the top , of course !

Re Logan’s Run - I wonder how the teenagers with terminal cancer felt about the 29 year olds ‘whingeing’ they would be killed in a year’s time, when the teenagers weren’t going to see 20???

It’s all relative!

I don’t see why I should pay more in tax so that a 94 year old with their own house should have a hundred pounds a day spent on them by the state, and still get to leave their house to their children (who, middle aged by then, should have been able to buy their own house to live in after thirty years of working!)

And the above is especially true if I die way before 94 myself!

I’ll use my counter argument from the main thread :

" Why should I have to pay taxes to fund your treatment on the NHS when I never had to use it myself ? "

( First used in response to a Daily Chuckle posting several months ago. )

Cuts both ways ?

Logical conclusion … only pay for it when using it ?

Madness …

Said conundrum extended to Alpha Centauri and back on the main thread.


The disjunct at the moment is that NHS care is NOT means-tested, whereas DWP-funded social care IS means tested.

Should surely be both or neither!

UNLESS you argue that dementia care is SO expensive (which it is) that it falls thereby into a different category??? But that’s a pretty piece of string answer.

As I said earlier, one could argue that whether or not either medical care or social care is or is not means tested is de facto irrelevant to SOME extent, simply because the rich (ie, house-owners!) may be getting ‘free at point of use’ medical AND social care, BUT they have been paying higher taxes anyway.

The £ 1 coin has dropped !

62 postings on the main thread … let’s get them up past a ton by the end of the year ?

I’ll even include some hidden food bank vouchers to encourage contributions !

The very last thing that any of us want to see is a " Social Care Stamp " … like the infamous National Insurance Stamp … which was meant to pay for pensions but , unfortunately , those monies run out decades ago.

How are the 14 million on The Street to pay for this new stamp … like the NI stamp … credited when , for example , some of us claim Carers Pittance … or claim ESA within UC ?

Again , that’s the whole purpose of the main thread … to discuss !!!