Delays in going from respite to permanent

My Dad has been in respite care for just over 8 weeks, it is funded by Social Services, that funding ran out on Friday. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since we told Social Services that he would need care permanently, that we just couldn’t cope with him at home because Mum has health problems of her own that were being made worse by caring for Dad.
Before Social Services approve funding for him to stay in care they have to visit him and talk to my brother who has LPA along with Mum. Whilst they’ve talked to Mum, they haven’t talked to Dad or my brother.

The care home are keeping him in for now but with no certainty of who will be funding it. The social worker only works 3 days a week so when it gets to the end of the day Thursday and she still hasn’t been in touch we have to wait until Tuesday to find out what is happening, only to be told it will be sorted out later that week.

Is this normal from Social Services? Is there any way we can get this moved along? Whilst money can come out of his savings to pay for a certain amount of care, that isn’t the only issue. It is the not knowing, it is not being able to sort out all the changes to finances once he becomes permanent. It is not being able to do stuff we need to adapt the house for Mum and wondering if we might be told if Social Services will pay but only if he moves to a different home.

On the one hand there is no reason they shouldn’t approve it, on the other hand until we get it confirmed there is just that persistent worry of what issues we might have to deal with.

Under the legislation, assessed needs must be met, so it’s now up to Social Services completely.
They have to pay, and then sort it out with your brother in due course.

I might not have explained that very well. My brother is no part of the funding, as he has Lasting Power of Attorney, as does my Mum, they both need to be consulted. The Social Worked also needs to visit my Dad to assess him and consult him (even though he has no capacity to make that decision).

Currently no-one is paying for the care, how long the care home will wait for something to be sorted, we don’t know.

What I’m trying to find out is if there is any way to push them into making a decision or are these sort of delays just normal for Social Services and just something we need to put up with.

Re read what I wrote.
If your dad has needs which have been identified (i.e. the need for respite) then the LA, SSD, has a duty to ensure that those needs are met.
If the home aren’t getting paid, they need to talk to SSD.
It’s up to the home, NOT YOU, to sort this out.
Even if dad had lots of money, just refused to pay, SSD would still have to pay the home for the care they provide, and then take legal action through the court, if neccessary, to recover the costs.

Does that example help?