Covid19 recovery

We watch/read and share so many issues about this pandemic. I just wanted to share that a friend of mine recovered from this after an 11 day stay in hospital. She was discharged not long ago.


Thank you for posting that Rosemary. My pals friend (late 70’s) has also recovered from this and is now at home.

Good to hear recovery stories.

I’m scared of getting this, just like everyone.

But I am generally concerned about catching things anyway. Even before pandemic.

One day last year, I was buying a mobile phone in the shop and the lady shop assistant looked down and coughed, by the time she looked up I had fled the shop!

That’s good to hear, Rosemary.


Good to hear.

My friend recently recovered. She was in hospital since April and came back home last Saturday.

By the way, my friend was in the hospital all this time, and she even stopped believing that she will be able to recover. But everything is fine now. Ironically, she was the one who used to scream out loud that the COVID19 is fake, and we have nothing to worry about. After she was hospitalized, I tried to do everything to prevent spreading the corona since I have a child I need to take care of. I even found an interesting article about how COVID-19 affects the workplace, and we picked up a few tips mentioned there. I suggested those tips to our boss, and he allowed us to rearrange our workspace. Now, we can keep a social distance from each other.