Covid vaccine protection

how long does protection last with vaccines ? we had our second jab in april 2021 we have booked for our booster but wont be untill 23 nov 2021 … we have had 2 text after booking from nhs vaccine to book for vaccine which has confused us so i phoned them up to get advice they said you cant have booster untill 190 days has passed since second covid jab , the goverment says book a month early … the local mp say get your jab now … but if people who are in a prioirty group then why do you have to wait over 6 months for a booster … we have worked it out as 7 months and 1 days since second jab . 190 days is 6 months and 1 week
so what protection will people have ?


Looking at the NHS website and studies, it seems that protection from the first two vaccines doesn’t just stop after six months, but the protection starts to fade. The booster will improve your protection and give longer term protection.

It doesn’t need to be given exactly after 6 months and should not be given before 6 months after. Although protection against infection lessens the protection against severe disease, hospitalisation and death still remains strong.