Covid-19 Vaccines & Asthma


I look after my mother who has chronic asthma, plus heart value conditions, she takes the annual flu vaccine, that was given in November last year.

Is anyone caring for an elderly person that has asthma and had the vaccine. Has it been ok after taking the vaccine? any side-effects noticed. There’s just not enough information about people with asthma and the covid-19 vaccines.

As with many people there’s some anxiety because it’s all new.

My mother has many health aliments already over 80, she has day to day health issues already from these existing health conditions, there’s a natural anxiety about taking something new.

I’m her son and she worries about me, all the usual things mother things, who’s going to look after me, make me something to eat, etc and I worry for her.

Everyone’s body and health choices to take medicines is there own decision. I can’t choose for her.

On a person point of view. I’m seeing it as if she has the annual flu vaccine every year and has the known symptoms after taking this, like runny nose, feeling a little tired, and sore where the injections was given, then taking the covid-19 vaccines will be similar to that.

When people have flu vaccines every year is it from the same brand/company that is distributed it to all the doctor surgeries about the UK? or is it from many different companies?

Some questions like; which one of the three available vaccines is the best one to take? long term effects?

Has any one else been pondering on these types of questions or is it just me?

The flu vaccines is given annually and to many it has just become to take it routinely every year for people that want it and need it, so there aren’t many questions asked about it, the covid-19 is new, there are three different ones and they have been made in one year, so naturally there are going to be many questions/concerns around this.

Stay safe to all, Kind Regards

Hi & welcome Mike

You are quite right to feel how you do. It’s all is new but hopefully all will be OK. And many people have already had there first jab. Who are in your Mum’s category.

This link was updated yesterday and may help with some of your questions.

Hello user sunnydisposition, This is much appreciated, thank you! I will take a look at this information.

Wishing anyone reading this, stay well & Stay safe.