Court of Protection

My sister and I have just gain a Court of Protection order to look after our Mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. My sister has been my Mother’s carer for 2 years and prior to becoming a deputy. She lives in the same town as my Mother and I live 270miles away.
Both my sister and I are now not sure if she can receive her carer’s allowance whilst being a deputy.

Any advise from others who have C.o.P. experience would be welcome. We are both very anxious about this situation.

Personally, I know of no reason why your sister cannot have C A, as it’s not mum’s money.

Hello Ian
I sadly had to go down the court of protection route for my late husband
Keep receipts for eveitem you purchase. Any doubt you have regarding a purchase don’t be afraid to contact guardianship office . They much prefer you do. If your mother regularly bought presents etc for family, you can still do that on her behalf, as long as you stick with the amounts she spent.
As far as carers allowance I would double check, but your mother’s money is hers and any money your your sister have in your own right is your own money. I never had to explain what money I had in my own right. Just my husband’s including debt he ran up when dementia was setting in. Keep her money separate, keep receipts and record.
I know it’s scary to start with but you will get used to it. Eventually the office sent me a link, and I was able to add expenditure as I went along and send digitally.
The irritating thing was paying them each year to check!! Out of hubby’s money.
Always feel sad when I read court of protection route has to be taken.
Power of attorney is so much easier. Too late for us.

Isnt carers allowance help for people under lower incomes, who are carers.