Council are hiding payment increases

Good morning all,
My husband is suffering from MS, which is now at the advance stage. I’ve struggled with the council over care costs for years. Last year is maximum payment a week jumped up from £91 to £199 because of the changes in how the payments are decided. Also it was decided his care drop from double handed to single handed care, which upset the carers. Then the care provider folded. We now have new care providers. To save money we cut the care down to just mornings, so the weekly payment would be around £132 this would be £19.50 per hour. But this year I noticed the weekly payment had increased but not the hours worked. I questioned the council and the hourly rate had increased to £26.50, we had no notification of the increase. I think they are hiding these increases and its wrong.
I am only getting £9.51 hourly rate at work. I’m working in a job I love and am how thinking it is time to become the full time carer. I care for my husband most of the day and night anyway. 4am in the morning when his stoma bag leaked I’m up getting him washed and dressed. The carer arrives around 9am the job is done, but we still have to pay the £26.50. I go off to my job.
Is the council being dishonest increasing the hourly rate without notice? Should I give up work?

No. Keep your job. Sort out the council.
Start by asking for a new Needs Assessment, Fiinancial Assessment for your husband; and a new Carers Assessment for you.


CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

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In short … if you don’t ask , you don’t get.

As for support care costs , the national minimum wage rate goes up in April … same DP monies , less time bought ?

£ 26.50 an hour! That’s ridiculous. Does the council commission this care?

I agree with the advice given.