Council admin charge

Hi - Asking on behalf of another lady who lives in Central Bedfordshire. She is a self funder who has carers visit. She is billed by the council who in turn bill the care company.

My question is she has been advised that the council are now going to start charging her an admin fee for processing the charges. It’s going to be an additional £14.50 a month.

Do any other councils charge this ? As I think it’s excessive as this is a charge per person every month

The letter states is she isn’t happy with the arrangement she can request the care company Invoice her directly but it’s going to probably be more expensive? They have only given 30 days notice as well

Any advice please ?

Many thanks

A small price to pay for using the council.
Definitely pay, then the council can fight things out with the care providers.

Agreed, that’s cheap as chips.

Depends what the other charges are. This £14.50 a month is additional.