Coronavirus: Primary schools 'to reopen in June'

this is going to be intresting to see how the goverment is to sort this out as some adults cannot keep social distance let alone children in a play ground , we have got friends who will not let there children back to school to learn and play and then come home to kill down to coronavirus ,

Boris Johnson says doctors were prepared to announce his death as he fought coronavirus in hospital.

He added that his time in hospital on ‘litres and litres of oxygen’ was a ‘tough old moment’ in an interview with the Sun on Sunday.

Meanwhile, primary schools are set to reopen their doors to pupils from June 1, with older students to follow provided there was no spike in cases, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

boris johnson also wants every one back to work by may 26 , it would be intresting to see how many will go back to work while
coronavirus is still out there …

Whatever the government say, we are going to have our own policy

  1. Sit at home and see what happens when everyone else is let out …

This is going to be a really difficult one for me.

Son and partner separated a few years ago, son lives with me.
Grandson visits every Wednesday and weekends, to see his dad, permissible under the rules.
I don’t want to stop him coming here, but I don’t really want him going to school and mixing with a lot of kids either.

At the moment, our area has one of the very lowest rates in the country, but that doesn’t mean we are 100% safe, especially if holidaymakers start invading the New Forest again.

I would not have chosen reception and year one as the first ones to return to school - they are too young to understand social distancing and will need social closeness from staff at times during the day.