Coping as a carer

Hello everyone. This is my 1st time. In entering a chat room. I’m not sure what to expect.
Is there anybody out there. Looking after a dementia sufferer. That has a mental illness. Themselves …??
If so. Please help with some advice… Thank you. Deborah

HI Deborah,

welcome the forum.

The forum is bit different to a chat room. Basically you post (as you have done) and then carers pop on the forum as and when they can and type a reply.

If you click on the spanner at the bottom of a thread on the left hand side, by the Post a Reply button you will receive a notification when someone replies.

Also, if you click on your username at the top right hand corner, you can select your notification and subscription settings.


Welcome to the forum.

Would yo like to tell us a bit more about your caree?
Claiming Attendance Allowance?
Exemption from Council Tax?
Any support from Social Services?
People usually find our forum because there is something they need to change. Is there anything specific that is bugging you at the moment?