Complex PTSD help needed

Hi, this is my first time on here and just wondered if there was anyone else here with the same kind of experience who could give me some advice. My life in brief!
I got married to this wonderful man just 2 years ago, it’s my second marriage, my first having lasted some 25 years, so as you can see I’m no spring chicken!! Anyway my husband suffers from complex PTSD, which he had long before we met, which I struggle to understand. I also have bad anxiety and stress levels, which seem to have got worse, and to this end have just started counselling myself to try and help me with these issues, but my marriage at the moment seems to be going down the pan. I don’t seem to be able to do anything right, I have terrible trouble concentrating and get distracted very easily so this is not a help with his condition. I try to be positive for him so much, and praise him all the time but I just seem to be getting lower and lower in my self esteem. I’m moody, I don’t need to open my mouth as my face tells you everything you need to know.
Anyway I think you may get the picture, any one out there got some advice it would be much appreciated.

Hi Karen,
welcome to the forum.

Supporting someone with mental health difficulties is not easy at the best of times; but factor in the strange times we are in at the moment and it takes caring to a whole new level. The way you are feeling is totally understandable, many others feel the same.

Do everything you can to distract yourself and protect your wellbeing - take a walk each day, listen to music, watch a DVD, have a bath, go in the garden if you have one, read a book, anything really that might keep your interest. website has information on both PTSD and on anxiety due to the current situat
Keep posting, we are here for you.


Complex PTSD needs long term psychotherapy which there’s a long waiting list and limited sessions through the NHS.

If there is anyway you can afford it, try private therapy.

There are forums and websites to give support on the internet.

But yes you need to look after yourself and not get dragged down.

Hi Melly1 & Londonbound,
Thank you both for taking the time to reply, I’ve tried all kinds of distraction including most of what you suggested but with no great success. I’m sure I will come up with a solution I just have to find some positivity to help get me there!
Onwards and upwards as the saying goes