Claiming Carers allowance and Carers Credit for same person

Hi, I am currently Claiming Carers Allowance for my 20yr old Son, my wife and I have just taken early retirement and it is better for us if she claims Carers Allowance instead of me (tax reasons) and because I have a small self-employment income. I will stop claiming CA and she will put in a new claim - all good so far, Now, would I qualify to be able to claim Carers Credit for my Son IF my wife is getting CA for him. if so then I would be able to get the NI Credit which would help my basic State Pension record.

Thanks in advance

Hi Peter.

Carers Credit ?



To get Carer’s Credit you must be :

aged 16 or over.

under State Pension age.

looking after one or more people for at least 20 hours a week,

The person you’re looking after must get one of the following:

Disability Living Allowance care component at the middle or highest rate.

Attendance Allowance.

Constant Attendance Allowance.

Personal Independence Payment - daily living component, at the standard or enhanced rate.

Armed Forces Independence Payment

If the person you’re caring for doesn’t get one of these benefits, you may still be able to get Carer’s Credit. When you apply, fill in the ‘Care Certificate’ part of the application form and get a health or social care professional to sign it.

Carers who don’t qualify for Carer’s Allowance may qualify for Carer’s Credit.

EntitledTo web site :

Carer’s Credit is available to people who provide care for one or more disabled person(s) for a total of 20 hours or more each week, but do not currently receive Carer’s Allowance. > You will automatically be getting Carer’s Credits if you already get Carer’s Allowance, > or get Child Benefit for a child under the age of 12. The credit will help to protect your National Insurance record to ensure there are no gaps from having to undertake caring responsibilities. There are two qualifying routes to be able to get Carer’s Credit, either through the disabled person being entitled to a qualifying benefit or through a certification route (Care Certificate).

Would only be triggered if Carers Allowance was not paid.

The way I read the above is that it would not be triggered in the circumstances so outlined.

Receiving Carers Allowance counts towards those NI contributions when it comes to state pension time.

Either Carers Allowance OR Carers Credit ?

Given the angle here … for tax reasons … best to bounce off your accountant / CAB ?