CHC - Solicitors useless

I am still trying to get assistance from solicitors. To no avail, no-one’s interested in the least.

No matter which legal firms I have contacted. Either they are too arrogant in their set ways/attitudes, or they don’t have a clue about CHC. Even those I have contacted stressing it’s a Human Rights issues, (especially under the NHS Constitution/NHS National Guidelines Framework don’t care. When I mentioned about the Coughlan Case Law, their response was very disappointing, ‘things have moved on since then’.

They all insist as Social Workers all along claim my Mother has capacity (which was just a ploy to fob me off being involved; as the excuses to get me to back off has always been; 'Your Mother has Capacity), it’s up to her to give consent. If not these Solicitors insist they’d have the right to act in her best interests - even though I have Power of Attorney. I have spent the last 3 years asking my Mum’s GP for an updated Mental Capacity Assessment; which they have constantly avoided, so now putting in a Complaint letter my Mum’s signing.

With so much on the Internet, I hoped there’d be a joined up stampede of a Campaign to demand justice. What there is, is a Rear Admiral Matthias attempting to write letters, which have been open letters on CareToBeDifferent challenging the injustices for the thousands of families and patients all this national scandal is affecting. But it’s all going at a snail’s pace, as responses are massively delayed.

Surely this is a Human Rights issue? It’s disheartening that the elderly, disabled and infirm are treated this way. The one’s that can make a difference don’t have the capacity to care. They don’t know they’re born.


why don’t you try the Care to be Different page on facebook. its all about CHC funding and they have solicitors they recommend on there. they will give you a phone call (or they did me) and it was free. gave me advice, and said they will take me on (at a cost of course) if I needed them. fortunately the advice they gave me helped and I managed to get CHC funding for my daughter.
if when she has an assessment and they try to remove the funding, I will contact them again.pam xxx

Hi. I appreciate what you’re saying. Just that as I have tried contacting various solicitors since 2012, who have either not appreciated the complexities of my Mum’s situation, or felt their wasn’t case, or even they had full case loads.

I have found CareToBeDifferent a great source of information in itself.

Farley Dwek who are the solicitors on CareToBeDifferent, I have heard on this Forum have charged someone a great deal of money; only to not have been any help. So it’s very risky, as I have sought help from Compass CHC; who initially assured me there was grounds my Mum should be getting CHC - after having carried out an investigation and provided a report to the CCG. But July 2018, we had a DST, the ‘advocate’ was useless. I put in a Complaints, they all sided together. I tried to get Beacon CHC involved, but they aren’t proving any understanding, or compassionate, or sensitive; are per claims in the Contract I signed with them.