Catheter questions

Hi Ayjay

How’s things now? Hope things have improved.

Best wishes.

I think we’re just about on top of it now thanks Pauline. DN has just been and taken a swab for analysis, but the pus,(which was being produced in copious amounts) has practically stopped as of yesterday morning after it was re-dressed.

As it was still producing pus prior to that the DN suggested a different anti-biotic, the first lot will finish today and probably have done the trick, although they took their time.

There is a second wound just below the actual catheter site which we are not sure why it’s there, (surgeon did say it was there, but not why) and it now looks as though that is where the infection is. We think this may have been a first attempt which could have encountered the mesh from a hernia repair.

The wee is all draining well, no bypassing,and no blood in her wee after the first couple of days.

She still has some pain when moving so is staying in bed.

I’m just glad that Easter is over, what with all the Bank holidays (Carers charge double for those), I get to do all the washing and dressing for six days out of the last eight, instead of my usual three in seven. It’s not that bad, but much easier when someone else does it.