Caring for someone

Hi I’m terence I care for my partner she needs help with managing diabetes she is also on kidney dialysis I am dedicated to helping her with her day-to-day life I cook and clean for her and help her with her medications sometimes she goes into hospital for long periods of time and it can be very difficult for both of us I sometimes we feel along :pensive: I have seen her struggling for her life on many occasions but I will always be there to save her. Call my partner Sabrina she’s a really lovely person thanks x :smiley:

Hello Terence

Welcome to the forum, please have a look at our well being page, I have attached a link for you. … -wellbeing

Also Terence we hold weekly care for cuppa session, it usually last around a hour but you can dip in and out, its a chance to get together with other carers, to take a break whilst sharing information over a cup of tea or coffee. Our next session is on Tuesday 26th May at 3pm - please look at the attached link for more information and how to join. … ne-meetups

with best wishes

Hi Terence, welcome to the forum.
Have you had any support from Social Services so you can take time off to look after yourself?