Caring For Someone With Dementia In 2019 ? A Couple Of Real Live Cases ? A Video For A Change

A Change … a video … courtesy of the BBC … 14 odd minutes :

Dementia care: ‘It’s not dementia killing me, it’s exhaustion’ - BBC News


Dementia care : " > It’s not dementia killing me, it’s exhaustion. > "
The head of the Alzheimer’s Society says that the UK is facing a humanitarian crisis, because the care system is failing those with dementia and their families.

The number of us who will provide care at home for a loved one with dementia is set to rise by almost one million by 2035.

Here are the stories of Anne and Julia – who both care full time for their husbands.

Anne’s husband John has been assessed as having no mental capacity and goes to a day centre two days a week.

Julia spent months fighting for social services and occupational therapy help for her husband Bob.

He is currently being assessed in a home, after he went missing and was found during an extensive police search.

Needless to add ( ? ) … Internet search … COPING WITH DEMENTIA … videos … and a whole host will be revealed.

I saw this the other day and felt so sorry for these women. I am glad that Dementia is being highlighted again because the number of people getting it now is staggering.

My husband thinks its to do with spraying crops and what we eat. My neighbour thinks it’s to do with satellites and what’s going on in the atmosphere and my friend is convinced it’s actually Mad Cow Disease because you never hear about that now but a few years ago that was all you heard.

I am sending a donation to a dementia charity in lieu of Xmas cards and postage this year.

My Mum has it but was only diagnosed at 93 and she’s now 96. I am so glad she didn’t develop it when she was younger.

Perhaps Penny , the real question to ask is … " Why should a cancer patient be treated free under the NHS whereas a dementia patient may have to sell their property to afford care ? "

Both are illnesses … why the discrimination … and in funding ?


In addition , CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … an inbuilt bias against dementia patients ?

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