Caring concerns due to Covid 19

Hello name is Ian,I care for 94 year old father,iam 54 year old. I know that young Carers 19/35 bare the brunt of caring in the uk.would love to here from others in the same postion as me.thanks Ian 15/9/2020

Is there an official statistic that shows this as a fact?

Not understanding your post…you are aged 54 but you say that young carers bare the brunt of caring.
And you want to meet others in the same situation?

I would say middle aged and older carers bare the brunt of it.

They are worn down through years of caring and with no end in sight…their own health failing whilst trying to keep up with the ever increasing needs of their caree.

That is the reality.

I am 68. I’m not sure when I started caring, probably before I was 10 years old, although I didn’t realise it at the time.
Since then I’ve cared for a total of 10 family members at various times.
At one stage five were all entitled to highest DLA Care!!!

I used to be fit as a flea, able to run over a mile without getting out of breath.
It’s impossible to look after yourself properly with a disabled child and no support.
At least people caring for elderly parents right at the end of their lives know that one day they will get their lives back.
I have a life sentence.
After major surgery I was told that I should “never care for anyone ever again”.
What was I supposed to do?
Shoot my carees?