Carers demise before caree's

This may well apply to others and give food for thought.

I am my wife’s sole carer and she is older than me so I have allways considered that she might well
pass away before me.

But as I have recently suffered a small stroke this consideration is open to question.

SO, as my wife cannot look after herself and we have no relatives etc I now worry about what
I should be doing in order to help her if I kicked the bucket suddenly.

She no doubt would press her alarm button and eventually social services would have to arrange immediate residential care for her. Our house and assets being sold to pay for this with help from our solicitor

We both have LPA’s on each other (with our soliitor as a co executor ) and I have a large notice in the house as to who our solicitor is.

Should I be doing anything else? Bear in mind that we have no relatives or close friends at all.

Should I write to solicitor outlining the above?

Albert, maybe talk to the “Client Affairs Team” in your Social Services Team.

It’s a sad scenario, but of course you are wise to think ahead to the possibility. I would say a letter to your family solicitor would indeed be prudent.

Another sad thought - make your own funeral plans perhaps, so that is ‘done’ if it is you who dies first?

Such a pity there are no friends or family, but there it is. Sometimes, of course, families are more trouble than they are worth, so probably better ‘no family’ than ‘rubbish family’.