Carers Assessment hidden agenda ?

Why is it made such an elusive process when speaking with local government administrators to access a Carers Assessment for Wellbeing - it seems to be a very odd conversation where the applicant the Carer is put under suspicion. Having being a long term full time Unpaid Carer and all the many hoops that I’ve already jumped through with all the red tape attached just isn’t enough - it borders on discrimination and is soul destroying/demoralising I’ve never experienced anything like it being treated and spoken down to as if your second class and really shouldn’t be wanting or needing any support especially if it’s financial as far as I’m aware central government has made provision particularly in my case I have been an Unpaid Carer for over a decade so I must be factored into the funding by now as I am truly on the radar but when it comes to dealing with the local government the whole process is made as difficult as possible with HIDDEN elusive goalposts very draining and lacks all integrity. Please can anyone shine a light on the very much hidden criteria in order to get some well-being support thanking you in advance

This sounds very worrying, and frankly an insult when carers have been left to do so much more because of Covid etc.

How was your interview conducted.
They are supposed to discuss with you what you want in the way of support for your caring role.
What sort of things were they saying to you???

Who are you caring for?
We have a right NOT to care.

I would suggest you contact Citizens Advice relay what happened. And I am quite sure they will support you in the process. And at a later date should you wish to make a compliant. I also think it highly likely this will be something they will support you in.

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Thanks for joining the Forum and for posting this question about Carer’s Assessments. We’ll pass this onto our Helpline advisers who will respond to your question on Carers Rights Day, 25 November.

In the meantime, you may find this link on our website helpful for finding out more about Carer’s Assessments:

You could also contact your local Healthwatch about this issue - see link below:

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Although the LA have a letter from my GP saying I should never ever care again, so many times the only way my son gets to do the things he wants is to do them with me.
Christmas is coming, the care agency will inevitably ring to ask if I can have him over New Years Eve as staff want to party!!
I’ve now employed a solicitor to sort this out once and for all.
How many others are pressurised like this?

They are supposed to discuss with you what you want in the way of support for your caring role

I’ve been a carer for over 13 years since my wife suffered a major stroke. I have had two carers assessments in that time and have gained little benefit from the experience. First question is what support would you like? Second question how much money do you have? Result - no support forthcoming. Whether one is self-financed or supported by the LA it seems to me that there is a gross shortage of facilities to support carers other than buying professional care if one can afford it and also provided the caree will accept it.

I wanted funding for a sewing course at the local college.
The SW said I could only have funding for a course leading to an academic qualification.
I explained that with 10 O levels, 3 A levels, an an Honours degree, plus excellent desk top publishing skills, having written a magazine for 20 years, and I was nearing retirement in any case, I thought I had enough.
Her face was a picture, clearly I had far more quaifications than she did.

I still didn’t get funding for the sewing course!