Carers Assessment Case Study

They told me carers are not entitled to any financial support only a service like the short breaks (replacement care), however the social care act 2013 has a case study example that says otherwise:-

Either the act is wrong or social work practises is wrong.

On page 60 of 100 of the Statutory Guidance to Accompany the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

Case Study example: Isobel and John’s story
Isobel cares for her husband who needs a lot of help with personal care. John
does not want anyone other than his wife to help but she is exhausted trying to
care for her husband and run the house. It is difficult to get time to do laundry,
shopping etc. Following a carer‘s assessment the local authority provides Isobel
with a budget of £40 per week to help with tasks that will enable her to
concentrate on providing support to John, which is what she wants to do. The
couple also receive support to have short breaks together of up to two weeks per
year in accessible accommodation.2 This has helped relieve the stress felt by
Isobel and has improved their relationship.


Either the act is wrong or social work practises is wrong. >

I presume a recent carers assessment by your local LA ?

If so , have the LA confirmed their decision in writing ?

In which case , seek clarification from the LA as to why this should be so.

Many carers nationwide are finding the same as I type.

Care Act … both the English and Scottish versions … suggest one thing , most LAs are now disregarding said provisions
in line with the continuing meltdown of funds available to do anything other than the most basic services.

In some areas families are being paid up to 60 hours a week to care for loved ones, according to an Ombudsman’s report.

My council won’t pay me a bean, this is part of an ongoing saga, now involving the Ombudsman.

No they said the case is still open should we close it as your entitled to nothing! I said keep it open
Many carers are unaware they can get any help from the LA.
I understand some LA are progressive with others ignore you.

Families you mean relatives? Could you send me a link to the ombudsman report?

Well, done going to the Ombudsman I dealt with them once they took 9 months to resolve an issue with solar panels plus they also got my interest fees frozen. I didn’t even ask them to do it they just done it.

I’m involving the first minister into the matter as I have had enough of the shabby tactics of the LA here in Glasgow.

Paying a family member to care ?

I’m sure I’ve posted this link before when aswering one of your previous postings ?