carers allowance

hi i have just received a letter saying im losing the adult dependency allowance of £38.40 a week leaving me £66.15 a wk to live on both myself and my wife are disabled i get DLA wife gets PIP she gets a small sum from ESA but thats still leaves me living on the £66 a wk is there anything else i can claim???.
i am 61 my wife 62 so cant get pension credits and i dont want to go on universal credit as i feel they would force wife to look for work.

Hi Clifford.

High time to crunch some numbers through an Online Benefits Calculator :

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

What do the numbers reveal ?

Any benefits / allowances currently not claimed revealed … potential Council Tax discount ?

UC ?

Not optional I’m afraid !

Will normally only apply if any INCOME related benefits are claimed.

( Adult dependant’s grant ?
Claiming for an adult dependant )

If your wife qualifies for Carers Allowance, then she will NOT be forced to look for work.