Carers Allowance and Term-Time Working


Does anyone claim carers Allowance and work term-time, which puts them over the limit on a couple of months a year?

I’m being told that they won’t average my wages over a year even though my wage amount changes each month, so averaged out over a year I am under the limit.

I called the advice line today and even they thought it should be averaged.

Would like to know if anyone on here is in the same boat?

Thank you.


Hi Lisa,
It’s my understanding that you could increase the amount you pay into a personal pension the months your earnings are over the limit.


I am a Supply Teacher and have only recently looked into claiming because my dad needs more help throughout the day now. I can only really work half days now. I explained this and the person on the helpline said that I would be classed as an Irregular Earner.
I assumed that the earnings threshold could be averaged out over a year. I never know how much work I will have and during the school holidays I can’t work at all. So if for example I was paid £600 in July and nothing in August because of the holidays I thought this would average out at 2 months allowance but the man on the helpline said that I would not be entitled for July as I would be above the threshold.
Does anyone know if it is possible to have irregular earnings averaged out over a period longer than 1 month?
I had the same thought about paying into a pension but it would not be enough to go under the threshold.