Carer whilst working full time

Hi Everyone.

I’ve just joined carers UK and was wondering if anyone is in a similar position to myself. I work full time whilst caring for a family member and it can be quite challenging. Does anyone have any advice?



HI Shell,

You need to change your role from that of care provider to that of care manager/supervisor. Making sure that person has an assessment from Social Services, and they arrange for the assessed needs, getting up in the morning, meals, putting to bed. Then your role is making sure that things are done properly (and you will need to step back) but then your role is that of “icing on the cake”

My mum had her own fresh raspberries. Staff would shop for raspberries, but wouldn’t pick mum’s own! They would walk past her lovely roses, but never think of cutting some for mum.

Tell us a bit more about your caree, age, disability, and we can make more suggestions.