Carer looking for a work reference


I’ve been a carer for about a year (for a sick relative), and on carers allowance. If I am looking for part time work, can I get a work reference (regarding my care work), from anyone?


Hi Brendan.

Only from " Known " friends and associates who would vouch for you in the capacity of a family carer … perhaps your gp / district nurse if they have had contact with you in the caring capapcity ?

As " Caring " is not acknowledged as work outside of CarerLand , a conundrum for you … unless a past employer comes to the rescue ?

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Would a " Good " family worker make a good worker … especially as the job is totally different ?

Caring is multi tasking … a job were only one repetitive skill is required ?

Also , a conundrum for any potential employer.

A problem hundreds of thousands of carer face each year when the caring ceases … and they need to seek employment.

Many would consider anything to do with caring the very last thing that they would take on … having been " Press ganged " into it in the first place !

Good luck.

thanks everyone

Your welcome.