Careers Assessment tips?

Hi I recently applied for Carers Allowance as urged by my mutual aid buddies. I havent received furlough and wasnt eligible for freelancer GOV money as I was under freelance contracts previously. Mum has incurable cancer yet not classed as terminal. I have pushed during COVID to get her Blue Badge, PIP enhanced and helped support her through 6 months chemo (resigned from a job I didnt like), then 2 A&E trips during COVID and discovery her cancer has returned right after she finished chemo in March. So rush rush for pelvic radiotherapy. Lots of tears by her and mood swings. Hospice outpatient care and suddenly a social worker for me from the hospice. The social worker referred me to my Council Carer’s Trust and now I have some long hour mtg this thursday. What do I need to expect and prep for? Tips welcome. :blink:

Just a quick reply …

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Thanks. Any other tips?