Caree complaints - No. 3: "You never finish a job."

Carees can sometimes shower one with requests. In particular, when I have been out, sometimes I have barely got one foot through the doorway when I am bombarded with a series of requests from my caree. It can be like that at other times of the day as well. For example, I may have not quite finished stocking the dishwasher and am checking around for any other items to go in so I can start it with a full load. I am called to bring something to the study please. I do so and next it is, “While you are here, can you…?” And then, when I am doing that, the printer jams, so that job is interupted to deal with the printer. And so on. Hardly surprising the dishwasher is forgotten. I come to it several hours later - almost full but not running. I now have many more dishes accumulating and they just clutter up the kitchen, waiting for the dishwasher to complete its full load.

How does one organise things better? As has been discussed earlier, I have had to train myself not to jump to every instruction like a slave. Instead, say things like, “Can I deal with this after I have…?” Maybe discuss with the caree the list of things to be done soon, and agree an order in which to deal with them. Sometimes my caree writes down lists. This can be helpful.

But there will occasionally be urgent interruptions that cannot wait. Inevitably this will mean an unfinished job. So finish it when you can. This will need to be accepted as part of life.

Hi Denis,

it sounds like you have worked out your strategy.

However, it also sounds like you and your caree need a break from each other. That way she might realise how much you do and how well you do it and you will be more rested and able to put the strategies in place.