Care/Nursing homes

I was beginning to plan a holiday for my self last year when Covid intervened.

I’m now revisiting the idea and want to go in mid June to Norfolk. It needs to be mid June as my intention is to attempt to see and photograph one particular Butterfly and one Dragonfly, they are both on the wing at roughly the same time with mid June being the best compromise, and Norfolk is the only place to see the Butterfly, and the best place for the Dragon.

Trying to arrange Respite Care is becoming a bit of a nightmare, no-one will commit to having a bed available for my wife at the appropriate time, I’ve got to phone much nearer the date (and hope someone has died). :frowning:

She has now come up with the suggestion that she would also like to see the Butterfly and she could stay in a home in Norfolk which would allow me to take her out for a couple of days whilst I’m there.

That doesn’t entirely fit my plans, (I was going to wait for the weather nearer the time and my stay in Norfolk would probably have been shorter than hers in a home back here) but they can be changed.

I’m now wondering if I’d be allowed to take her out: one local home has already said the she’d have to stay in isolation for the first 14 days of any stay.

I know from my readings on here that Care Homes have often been very strict with visiting etc. and seem to have been making their own rules at times.

Does anyone know if this is currently possible, I appreciate that things are constantly changing now and the 21st June is in the frame for a complete end to lockdown rules and then a social free-for-all will take over, but what is the current situation?

I found this, if anyone is likely to be in a similar position.

Valid from 12/4/21, (until the next re-arrangement of the rules).

Ayjay, would it be better to arrange respite care at home for your wife?


I’ve thought about it Melly, the cost is very little different, (it’s right in the middle between the two extremes of Nursing Home costs) but deep down I don’t really want someone else living in my/our house.

I now sleep in what used to be the junk room, it’s not changed much from that except for having a bed squeezed into one corner, I wouldn’t want to inflict that on someone, I don’t spend any time in there except to sleep, but they might want to and it’s really not very inviting. There’s plenty of quirks about the place that I treat as normal but may not be thought so endearing by a stranger. I don’t really want to let someone loose in my kitchen either. There’s so many little things that all add up to me not liking the idea.

I have discussed it with one of her regular morning carers and there’s a couple more things that I need to talk to them about, but I’m still basically against it.

Yes, I can get that. The only other options I can think of then is your wife and a carer staying somewhere (disabled friendly) or taking a carer with you and you renting somewhere with three bedrooms. The first option would be more of a break for you but the second one would get your wife out of the house and may lead to more joint outings in the future. Neither option is cheap though.