Care for those who caring

Coronavirus: Nurses’ leaders urge ‘care for those who caring’Nurses’ leaders want all healthcare employers - including the NHS - to “care for those who have been caring” during the coronavirus crisis.
The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is calling for better risk assessments; working patterns and mental health care for those on the front line.
It warns many may be suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and other psychological problems.
The Department of Health and Social Care said support was a “top priority”.

your assumptions are quite correct - not only am I stressed about being a sole carer and receiving £63 per week but also it is indeed exhausting, psychologically demanding and very very wearying - the virus has added to this - what can I say?

i cant see why The Department of Health and Social Care said support was a “top priority”. ? due to very little or no support over 24 yrs of supporting my wife .
being a main carer is very exhausting, psychologically demanding and very very wearying but as i am a disabled carer my self it is really getting to me allthough i keep contacting mental health we have had 1 call in 3 months and yet they say care is top priority for who?

Again ignoring unpaid carers

There is no one doing anything to make sure we don’t work excessive hours etc

One of the famous quotes from social workers to unpaid carers is, ‘it’s only you saying it’(whatever that is that your saying)'. The article above is about caring for paid workers who’ve been working with coronavirus. Getting the help they need and recognition for Nhs workers namely nurses. There is nothing to say they are in any way concerned about the unpaid population. We are expected of, and that is the truth. What we do is disregarded. The exhaustion is ignored. As is the amount of care or how we feel. Disregard towards the level of care we have to give. The ignoring of if it’s too much and the force to make us continue via the ignoring method.

I’ve been a carer for 41 years, since the day my second son was born. Support for me? What a joke!
The people who should have supported me have done the reverse, made my life far more difficult. Blamed me for being a bad mum, secretly taken me off a respite list because I dared to make formal complaints, left me without a day off in two years making me so I’ll that in the end my GP told Social Services he had to go to boarding school because of my health. I’ve been bullied by hospital, horrible things were written about me by Social Services staff who never thought I’d make a Subject Access Request etc etc. I am treated as a nuisance, as if I asked for a special needs child so I would be a nuisance. I have always done my very best for him so hat he is safe, happy, and healthy. Currently he is none of those.

Nursing staff are paid and go home to peace and quiet. Unpaid carers may have had all their support withdrawn, looking after a severely disabled person with no break! Why are they getting £62 a week if under 65, nothing if a pensioner???

We are getting that because there are no worse consequences for the government if they don’t pay us more.

Government get away with it as there are not enough re percussions for them.

They did the furlong for paid staff as the consequences to the economy would be so bad
If they didn’t.

Not fair for us. But they don’t care

The Department of Health and Social Care said support was a “top priority”.

i would have thought this would come under the community as it says social care , i suppose we are invisable yet again is carers uk pointing out our concerns to the goverment and why is the goverment not taking any notice of us under paid carers .

i have only had support from asc / social care twice for 6 weeks in 24 yrs and yet support is suppose to be a top priority

Government not taking any notice because we will carry on whatever.