Can't walk past a certain point... any ideas?


My mother in law had a stroke 3 years ago. She has no feeling down her left hand side. She walks, Very slowly, using a quad stick. Only short distances inside her flat but it has been getting harder and slower for her.

Two weeks ago She had a sudden severe decline in her mobility. Could not walk for 3 days. We even went to hospital as I feared another stroke but that was ruled out.

Now She will walk in the flat but often only a few steps. If she manages to walk out of her bedroom she always stops and her legs “refuse to move” and She has to sit in the wheelchair which I have right behind her for any such occurrence or if She were to fall (she hasn’t fallen for over six months).

Anyone any ideas on how to walk past that certain point where her brain seems convinced She can’t walk any further.

Thanks in anticipation.


Hello & Welcome Paul

Does your mother in law have an alarm pendant. Have there been discussions around how she feels when her control other her legs cease to support her. Does she think at that moment she will fall etc.

How does Mother in law cope when you are not there.

It would be good to keep a diary like time of day, task being undertaking etc.


Thanks for your reply.

She does have a pendant alarm.

We are currently making arrangements for her to move in with us due to her deterioration. At the moment she lives 2 min walk away from us and we see her 4 or 5 times a Day. She has long since stopped trying to prepare food etc. Since her deterioration two weeks ago She has not tried to get out of her chair unless there is someone with her.

She is in constant fear of falling. After her stroke she had a few falls but not in the last six months or so.

I’m concerned about the walking. She can set off Very determinedly and the when She gets to a certain spot she just stops and get her legs to move. It must be something to do with her brain so we are trying to convince the brain she can walk; doing exercises and the like plus waiting for the physio referral to get to top of the list. How to convince the brain???

I think the what I call the new style walker/rollator which folds and has a seat. Would be a good idea so Mother in law knows she can sit down. These can be use in/out doors some people push wheelchairs but these can be difficult to use indoors.

Think carefully about moving her in with you, and the long term consequences. No more time off, holidays, even meals with friends will be difficult. How will she manage appointments? Sadly, long term, residential care may be the only long term answer. Not what anyone wants, but maybe what she needs?