Can shutdowns be worked on

I just started seeing a new therapist.I honestly can’t remember if I told her that I am self-diagnosed autistic. I had a shutdown today during session. She was asking me questions through out, but I wasn’t able to answer. At one point she said, “It’s hard to give you support if you can’t say one word.”

When I was able to talk a bit, she said that it’s concerning that my nervous system shut down for 20 minutes. She said it might be hard to hear, but that I need to try to push through it and communicate. She asked how frequently this happens and said she wants to work on that so it doesn’t happen.

Is that correct? In the next session, should I push back on that and explain how autistic shutdowns work? Or is she right in that they can be something that can be worked on?

Hi Richard,

this forum is for those who are caring for a family member or a friend.

For help or advice concerning your autism I suggest you visit the National autistic society website. They have an online community too.