Can a care agency refuse to use equipment implemented by OT


As it says really. I’ve hit yet ANOTHER issue with this blasted care agency. I had a lovely Occupational Therapist visit and she has arranged for lots of new equipment, one of which is a wheeled shower chair to reduce the amount of walking and rushed unsteady on feet walking. I advised the care agency the delivery is due on Friday and that all carers need to be told of this…if I don’t do this the carers refuse on the grounds they haven’t used it before so therefore it’s not needed now. :unamused: However I’m now told it can’t be used until it’s been seen by a care manager and they’ve decided it’s appropriate. If they decide it’s not it won’t be used.

I didn’t even realise equipment from OT would be unsuitable what’s the point in them assessing the needs of the client and sorting equipment if it’s not suitable? I am torn between screaming and crying, in the meantime the carers still won’t slow down, despite having longer appointments. I just I utterly despair and find this service incomprehensible at times.

Anyway to stop rambling can they refuse to use something that will improve the health of the client? If they refuse how do I appeal? I’m worried they will refuse just because they can. Sorry for being a nuisance.

You are not a nuisance if you can’t ask here. You can’t ask anywhere.

Anything that changes a care plan has to be authorised by an agency. If there are asking staff to do/use something different.

This is to cover all basis.

O/T’s general give equipment to the user by request not to an agency unless by request. They task is not to ask carers if they can use something or not.

I sure it will be all OK it’s just annoying!!

It is silly. Can you ask for a care plan review or not? Explain about the new equipment and discuss your concerns as well. If they refuse, change care companies pronto. And you are not a pest!

Thank you Sunnydisposition. They have resisted so much lately that I’m worried they will this too. I contacted social services because I was struggling to cope. THe carer they sent was very inexperienced and was trying to get nan to walk unaided {without walking frames etc} it became too dangerous and when she started shouting at Nan {I’m deaf and could hear her downstairs with doors closed and water running} it had to end and she had to be blocked. Now they are saying if I won’t have her I can’t have carers for the shower {apart from when they can “find” someone}. OT visited as part of me struggling {I couldn’t get out to pay bills, shop, do anything because I had to be constantly behind the carer and making sure Nan didn’t fall.

When they came they assessed as needing amongst other things a wheeled chair for the bathroom to reduce the risk of falling. However, in the past the care agency have not agreed to changes, including when they broke the shower screen as the new ones folded in a different way. They served the same purpose, did the same job etc but they didn’t like them so they had to be taken out. I’m just afraid it will be a no because it’s easier to rush Nan when she’s on her feet and they have already refused to use the hour given to them by social services.

I just really hope your right and it’s just a tick box situation.

Leah I am in the middle of trying to change care companies, it’s VERY slow going and making me very tearful as I keep bashing my head against the wall! I asked for a review and they said no, apparently if she can be rushed she doesn’t need longer…the fact is they are not here to see the pain she is in or the struggle to breath after the shower when they rush her. The new chair is supposed to help with that until I can change to an alternative system/agency. In the mean time we are allocated 1 hour 5 days a week by social services and currently receive an hour on Monday and 45 mins on Friday this week because there are no staff to come Tue-Thur, apparently this is because the carers will not drive 4.3 miles 11 min duration each way more than once a week. I actually don’t know if this is true as one carer said she was going on to work in another town over 10miles away on Monday sigh and because I blocked a carer after she wouldn’t give Nan her walking frame and was shouting at her, she is new and very inexperienced and I appreciate she needs experience to improve but after three months of running behind her I’d had enough especially as the agency refused to take my concerns serious and I got told she is doing fantastically well and flying. The 45 min on a friday is because the carer refuses to slow down. It’s as simple as bashing my head on a wall they just won’t meet me part way on this.

And this is why I won’t be using a care company. We had a needs assessment on Monday and I told the social worker he has no care needs that would justify the cost. Disability funding slashes or cuts are rampant across all areas of Britain and it sickens me sometimes when I think about it. I asked for some adaptive equipment instead, they are not listening to me so I’m looking at other options for getting equipment. Even here in the Home Counties, disabled folks are also affected by silly decisions that are not based on needs or goals… what is the point?

I totally agree, did you know you can get a budget and hire a PA, they have to be registered as self employed and DBS checked but otherwise it’s up to you who it is etc. The only downside is signing off time sheets. Not difficult unless you have dyslexia etc so I am seriously considering it, it’s just in the mean time I am stuck in hell. It’s only my second experience of a care agency and quite honestly they are worse than the first one and social services took clients away from the first one they were that bad!

Sorry were you talking to me? If so yes I know that. I’ve never used a disability equipment provider before what questions should I be asking? And best of luck!

Sort of generally replying to everyone, so grateful for all you say but yes I wondered in my nonsense way if you had had a PA?

There are different providers around the country but I think when asking it’s the same questions for all of them. Explain the needs, then say I know this won’t work but this might is there a product, or can a product be adapted. Most seem to have a general view of one size fits all…it really doesn’t. Also try to go and see the equipment. For years we have been pushed towards rise and recline chairs but they have a base that goes down to the floor so it would be impossible for Nan to get up without a hoist so we have an old style chair with legs and my dad adapted it to the height for Nan. Browse Amazon too as that will give you ideas however if you are self funding I highly recommend facebook market place. You can get second hand equipment that is in excellent condition for a fraction of the cost the same by checking selling notices in local stores. I picked up a wheelchair for £10 in new condition never used from a sign in the post office.

It’s mainly about knowing what you need, how it will work for you and if it can be adapted if necessary.

We get a lot from Millbrook healthcare via the occupational therapist. Fairly good service and it’s quick delivery 3days.

I agree. One day last month, I noticed a mobility aids shop so I went in and got the phone number. We have a appointment tomorrow to see mobility aids on display at the store. How much did it cost to buy them? Is there a catalog or not? I am fast becoming a expert on mobility aids and disability equipment too. Wow. I built my son’s chair after contacting a trained wheelchair engineer for help as I originally approached NHS wheelchair services but they couldn’t help me. I am self funding so will check out facebook marketplace tomorrow.

The items I have bought are expensive and as the carers broke a walker I anticipated being told we would have to replace ourselves which got me looking around and they can be hundreds of pounds, by accident I stumbled on one RRP at mobility store £189.00 plus vat…£30 on facebook marketplace. So it’s always worth shopping around. Wheelchair NHS wouldn’t help us either their advice was to not attend hospital appointments where you have to walk any distance…really helpful! I’ve never seen a catalogue but many do have websites and I’ve scrolled through those.

Do let me know how you get on, its a learning curve for me so would like to hear how it goes and what the positives and negatives are. I hope it goes really well for you.

Just seen your reply. It is a new learning curve for me too. No clue regarding questions to ask. This is par for the territory really. My first two learning curves happened when both kids were infants. I was thrown into the deep end. This time around things are slightly easier. I have a faint vague idea of what to expect. Are there any brands you particularly recommend or not? Laurel and Logan are bigger so I feel more able to handle a trip to a store by myself.

Make a compliant.


We’ve had the OT meet the carers to instruct them on how to use a new hoist before, as training was an issue.

I’m too scared to make a complaint whilst we still use the agency. I read on the CQC website they will disclose the name of the person who complains and if they do that whilst we are still using the agency things will get worse. It had been my original plan to block the useless carer and report to CQC then I feared what would happen so as yet haven’t.

The OT didn’t mention the carers needing training but presumably as it’s not a hoist etc it’s straightforward wheeling that in theory anyone could manage. I’ve contacted care direct again and not had a reply, I’ve tried the social worker…she’s on leave and admin won’t do anything beyond take messages.

I will contact the OT again and see what happens. The agency are now becoming patronizing, rude and demeaning sending follow up emails just to check I understood the equipment cannot be used. If I hadn’t understood they wouldn’t have even been told about new equipment let alone asked if they wanted to visit and check it out. I assumed then it was a tick box but it’s the demeaning and threatening of it won’t be used that has me worried. I am longing to be sarcastic but I know it won’t get me anywhere.

Keep those emails and then forward them to the OT. Let them fight it out between them!!
The idea of liability to the patient if they refuse to support the patient to use the SAFETY equipment is a really good point.

Forward the occupational therapist those vile emails every time you get one. Or cc her into the email.

I have a really sinking feeling about this, the chair is huge, like the old fashioned arm chairs and there is very little space for anything else in the bathroom once it’s there. I have a feeling the care agency are going to say they can’t use it as carers cannot walk around it. In the mean time Nan is still saying they won’t let her hold both grab rails when she stands they want to continue before that. I am totally out of ideas the chair was the last hope I had. :wink: