Benefits assessment

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice, I have just had a benefits assessment done again to pay for my direct payments, I am currently in receipt of p.i.p , ind injuries, and esa, but can anyone tell me if all of these benefits are taken into consideration when they do their means test, they are expecting me to pay £84 per week towards the cost of my carer who I have for 34½ hours per week, l lost my husband 4 months ago to cancer and since then everything has gone from bad to worse (not that I thought it could possibly get any worse) I feel I am going to lose my carer if I don’t pay this money, I cannot do much of anything for myself and I need this help, thanks and I would appreciate any help you can give me x :smiley:

Hi Debra

Most local authorities will take the full amount of your PIP as available to them for your contribution for your care. £84 is about “right”, but they have to take into account any additional costs you might have that are to do with your disabilities. Things like additional laundry costs, for example, could be considered, or extra heating costs if you need a constant temperature - that sort of thing might be considered, depending on your health needs.

Certainly it’s worth asking them to reconsider and itemise any extra costs you might have that they aren’t aware of.