Bbc - the big hospital experiment

Have been watching the above show on BBC

It’s about an experiment to use volunteers in the hospital to do the jobs that nurses simply don’t have the time to do like actually spending time talking to patients and feeding them.

I volunteer to go to the hospital every time my mum is admitted which infuriates my brother as he believes it’s the hospitals job to look after her. But as the programme has clearly shown that some patients health really declines as there is no one available to spend time with them helping them with basic tasks like eating and drinking

What does bother me is the fact we have gone full circle as wasn’t this the sort of the things that the lovely Women’s Voluntary group used to provide before some smart arse decided to do away with them and introduce franchises like Costa Coffee and so the “volunteers” where no longer needed.

Over a two week period we actually adopted another patient so we would help my mum first (who is blind) with a meal before moving on to the next bed and helping another.

Its a sad fact that without us doing this my mums stay would either be dragged out even longer or heaven forbid she wouldn’t make it home at all…

Hi LInda,
I have started watching this series (I have one recorded too that I haven’t seen yet.)

I thought everyone benefitted - the patients, those volunteering and the staff.

I was a bit worried at first that, it might put more pressure on the staff, as they need to direct and support the volunteers. I know in (special) school, anyone who doesn’t know the children, the routine, where things are kept etc can be mixed blessing - as it can take as long to explain something as it does to do it yourself. However, everyone on the TV programme seemed to find it a positive experience.

I’d want to know the volunteers were properly vetted, inducted and supervised. They did make the whole in hospital experience so much more personable though - and that was so lovely to see and what is needed.

In many countries, hospitals provide the medical care and families provide the rest of the care - some even expect families to bring in meals.

I feel very sorry for patients in hospital these days, that don’t have a daughter or relative like you. You made a real difference to your Mum and the other patient as well.


RE vetting…….I just hope that they
recall that Jimmy Saville was a hospital volunteer.